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About Azteca

The Healthiest Energy Drink

IdeaPros is proud to introduce Azteca, a uniquely formulated, curative and natural healing remedy that promotes wellness and health through its unique extracts of rare exotic botanicals. With a rediscovery of the most ancient vitality and healing techniques, Azteca formulates its secret potions from purely natural ingredients thought to enhance your body’s ability to defend against many diseases and illnesses.

Curative Daily Essence

Crafted in small batches, Azteca Body Balance Energy Shots come in convenient, single-serving bottles providing you the necessary nutrients on-the-go so you can thrive and be unstoppable. Azteca is made with all-natural ingredients and is the product of years of research based on ancient medicinal knowledge passed down through the ages.

Rejuvenate Your Senses

Premium ingredients were hand-selected by a team of nutritional, fitness, and pharmaceutical experts to maximize the effect on both the body and the mind. When you experience the rush of Azteca health supplements, you know that you’re experiencing the healthiest and fullest rush of energy you will ever feel!

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About the Entrepreneur

Angelica Reynoso is a healer. Her ethnicity is Aztec, and her family comprises many generations of native healers. Angelica’s product, Azteca, is a natural health supplement that provides vitamins that your body needs. We suggest you use Azteca once or twice a day for maximum benefits. Although results may vary, we’ve had our customers report that Azteca can help normalize the body’s functions – including helping with weight loss and reducing sugar or cholesterol levels. Individuals who fast, due to religious or dietary reasons, find that Azteca helps them maintain good energy levels during fasting periods.

Angelica has been trying to bring her amazing health aide to market for over three years. Until she found IdeaPros, all her time, her money and her efforts were met with no success. Angelica cautions her fellow entrepreneurs that large companies that show up first in searches are not always the best companies! She has worked with two different companies before IdeaPros and all she received were empty promises and glossy deliverables that didn’t deliver any value in marketing her product. The worst example was an expensive website that has had only a handful of visitors.

Faith in your product and hard work are essential, but a partner who really listens and can analyze what truly needs to be done to make your product marketable is essential. Because English is Angelica’s second language, she had an extra barrier to success. Angelica brought one of her children to help her out on her interview with IdeaPros. But it proved unnecessary – IdeaPros wanted to “hear her voice.” One of her most difficult challenges in bringing Azteca to market is labeling the product to meet regulatory requirements while protecting Azteca’s proprietary formulation. IdeaPros has provided the expertise to overcome this problem to allow Angelica can find distributors for Azteca.

While Angelica was very scared due to her many bad experiences, the IdeaPros team is constantly in touch, answering her questions: “Everything they have told me is the truth.” She expects to bring Azteca to market this summer. She rates IdeaPros a Perfect 10 as a partner.

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