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About Breezi

Hands Free

BREEZI provides lightweight, hands-free sun and rain protection for your whole body. Better than a burdensome, handheld umbrella, BREEZI fastens on your back and provides the ultimate shelter for anyone who needs to work or play in the sun.

All Natural

Made of natural and man-made fibers designed to provide extreme UV protection.


BREEZI is so light you’ll hardly know you’re wearing it, but your time in the sun will hardly be noticed.

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About the Entrepreneur

Yves immigrated to the United States in 2017 after living in Cameroon, Africa for over 30 years. One of her main sources of income, just like many Cameroonians, was through farm work. To this day, agriculture in Cameroon, and across Africa as a whole, makes up the greatest percentage of its economy. While working on the farms, Yves cultivated peanuts, tomatoes, garlic and potatoes among other commodities. It was always under strenuous conditions, either under the sun or under the rain. With the hot weather of Africa, working under the sun sometimes gave Yves and other farm workers headaches, so they had to take constant breaks to go stay under the shade to cool off, which would in turn reduce their productivity. Yves start thinking about ways to address this issue. She was inspired by turtles which naturally carry their houses with them at all times. Thus, the idea of Breezi was born. Being able to work while being constantly under the shade (rain or shine) helps to keep the production of harvest to the maximum, while preventing any disease that is associate with prolonged exposure to the sun.

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