Perfect truck-to-trailer hookups!


About Crash Pad

Perfect Truck-to-Trailer Hookups

Crash Pad gives you the perfect retrofit hookup every time! Tired of all the dimples in your bumper trying to hook up your trailer? With Crash Pad you can easily align your trailer latch to the ball without even needing a spotter. If you like saving time – you need a Crash Pad.

No More Dings or Missed Connections

With Crash Pad, your aim is true every time, avoiding everything from cosmetic damage to serious safety risks as you guide your trailer to the ball. Designed for trailers up to 2 inches. Crash Pad will keep you covered. Crash Pad’s retrofit, integrated design will keep you covered with no moving parts for easy operation and long-lasting durability.

Built To Last

Hand welded steel with durable build creates a useful tool for ensuring the safety of your load for years to come. Whether you are connecting your prized boat, your trailer or your workload, Crash Pad will get you matched up every time.

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About the Entrepreneur

Ken is a general contractor with four or five different trailers for his business use, so he is very aware of the time it takes to align a truck and a trailer without a spotter to assist. Ken claims laziness inspired the invention of Crash Pad. While he had no intention of selling his invention, people he worked with and did business with admired his idea, recognizing that aligning a truck and trailer in seconds was really useful: “Dude, you are onto something here. You need to do something with this.”

After a patent search found there was no similar product on the market, Ken began browsing the web for marketing companies. An ad for IdeasPro, introduced Ken to the company. While he spoke to other firms “The energy wasn’t good,” and he felt they had no time or interest in his product. With IdeaPros, “right from the get-go everything seemed very healthy.” After researching the company, Ken visited the partners in San Diego and engaged their services. Ken didn’t do much on his own; he felt “If you are going to market something, you don’t want to start on a real unprofessional level because then you’re just giving your idea away.”

Currently, Ken has obtained a provisional patent on his product and is working on the final patent with a firm recommended by IdeaPros. Crash Pad has a full blown website with detailed information and videos and sales capability (the product itself is available for pre-order). A manufacturer has been engaged to produce the product. Ken is particularly pleased that IdeaPros was able to negotiate a low minimum order with the manufacturer. Upcoming promotions include magazine ads and news interviews. Ken is completely satisfied with IdeaPros. They are “positive, transparent, very professional, very nurturing. . . . Anybody that is doing anything like I am doing and not using IdeaPros is at a disadvantage.”

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