Bundle includes the following:

Womens PRO Daily – Not all multivitamins are created equal. At Dr. Promax, our Women’s PRO Daily Pack multivitamins start with 42 fruits and vegetables. Then we add the highest quality vitamins, minerals and EPA’s to fill in the gaps where whole foods fall short. The result is a power-packed, nutrient-rich, easy to swallow daily vitamin that your body can absorb quickly and easily.

EPA/DHA Max – Formulated with the highest quality of EPA, DHA and Omega 3. This NON-GMO blend of the EPA, DHA and Omega 3 is beneficial for brain and cardiovascular health as well as metabolism.

CDX – Nourish bone health with three natural key ingredients. Calcium enhanced with Vitamin D for maximum utilization and absorption.

Mg Max – Essential for muscle and soft tissue health. Maximum strength magnesium supports relaxed muscles as well as stronger connective tissue.

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