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Kaddi – we’ll improve everything – but your game!

Different golfers, different scores – every time

But what does almost every golfer do up to 144 times each round? Put their hands in and out of their pockets for tees, ball markers and divot repair tools. Now Kaddi patent-pending technology changes the game, for good. Kaddi packs a lot of punch in a little, discrete frame that clips easily on your belt. It stays out of the way while all your necessary tools are right there where you need them – even your glove!  So get your hands out of your pockets while you speed up your play with Kaddi – we’ll improve everything – but your game!

Kaddi delivers instant access to your divot repair tool, tees, and ball markers. Right on your hip, always ready.

Kaddi holds all your golf game essentials as you work the course. No more reaching into your pockets for a tee or your divot tool with sweaty, dirty hands that soil your favorite golf gear.

Kaddi keeps all your essentials easily accessible during play.  Flared tee holders make it a snap to grab or replace a tee.  Kaddi securely holds more than 40 of the most popular divot tools on the market.  On top of that, Kaddi also keeps your ball marker at your fingertips without fumbling through your pockets, racing to the cart and slowing down play.