Create the best selfies of your life!

About Pure Selfie

Fast and Simple

Fast, easy and perfect selfies every time, from your mirror to your favorite social media in seconds

Ease of Use

With photoshoot lighting to make that inner model shine, you’ll be amazed by the perfect angles enabled by your high quality camera, a time delayed shutter, and handsfree operation.

Impress Your Friends

Blow your friends away with flawless selfies you didn’t even have to photoshop!

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About the Entrepreneur

Damien Brown’s idea was self inspired. One day, Damien was looking into the mirror and saw a picture perfect moment. However, he didn’t want to take his phone out to take the picture and risk losing the moment. It was in this instance that Damien had a brilliant idea. He thought to himself “it’s 2017, why aren’t mirrors taking pictures for us?” Thus Pure Selfie was born.

Damien has a focused yet simplistic vision for Pure Selfie. He wants to improve how millennials and the younger generations take their selfies and upload them to their social media accounts.

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