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Get excited as your dog when they hear the word “Walk” with SnapDog, the world’s most effortless, easy-to-use lead. Simply fasten the slide-in buckle attached on the lead to the your pet’s collar and you’re set – no more twisting or pressure on your finger joints! In fact, it’s so easy, you can secure it in a snap with just one hand. Don’t make walking your dog a chore – enjoy walks at the snap of your fingertips with SnapDog – you and your dog’s second best friend.

Easy to Use

Just say the word “walk” and watch your dog’s energy level switch into high gear. By the time you’ve got your shoes on and leash in hand, it can be nearly impossible to get him to sit still long enough to get those finicky clasps attached to those hard-to-find D-loops on his collar. Snap Dog takes the stress out of the process with a patented easy-click system that you can work effortlessly, even with just one hand. It’s ideal for arthritic hands or those with fine motor challenges.

Based off of our consumer surveys 93% of people agree that the convenience of fastening a buckle has health benefits, especially for arthritic people

Strong & Secure

Snap Dog works in a similar way to a car seatbelt, with an easy one handed slide-in system when you attach, and a simple push button to release. You trust your seatbelt to hold you safely in your car, and you can trust Snap Dog to hold your fur babies safely on the leash, no matter how hard they pull.

Walking in Style

With a variety of designs and colors for every mood and style, you can express yourself or show off your pooch’s personality with your new Snap Dog leash/collar. Already have a favorite leash or collar and just need a simpler, safer way to connect the two? Snap Dog has a retrofit option as well.

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