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Do you want your food to be contaminant free, while also having instant access to your meals? Thankfully, here comes Topped — the most simple, yet effective way to feed yourself at a moment’s notice with food that’s not compromised. Designed with your best interest in mind, Topped is not only a lid that preserves your food, but it also serves as a utensil for convenient, sanitary gratification. 

From dinner leftovers to catering platters, don’t just cover it, Get Topped!

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Keeps Food Warm

Topped was designed with the professional Chef, kitchen and catering company in mind, but is perfect for the everyday home chef & kitchen too.  The easy to carry, simple to use, versatile design ensures that your event’s meal stays warm until the guests arrive.

Locks Germs and Bugs Out

Keeping illness, dirt, insects, or other possible contaminants out of our food is critical! With the threat of mass illness, like the CoronaVirus becoming more and more prevalent in our society, we have considered our responsibility to protect your food from germs and bugs. Our unique scoop-from-the-top design and the customized utensils cover the food completely after each use.

Transports Effortlessly

PotLucks, Easter, Thanksgiving, Parties, Family Dinners, Weddings, Christmas, and any other special events you’ll most likely need a container to carry your offering. We constructed Topps to be stackable and easy to transport to your destination of choice.

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